Letter: The World Is Over-Populated

Dear Editor, Rockbridge Weekly,

This is a very difficult letter to write. I have had these thoughts for a very long time. I have started and aborted this letter on so many occasions because in rereading my thoughts they seemed to me callous. However, it is important and I do feel a responsibility to write this. The subject is overpopulation.

Put simply our planet is overpopulated by mankind. It puts many stresses, not just on ordinary people, but on governments, resources, all other living things and our natural systems. The Earth’s lands and water and air are assailed by this imbalance. We blame everyone and everything else for the wars, famines, diseases, class inequality, corrupt and incapable government, contaminated earth and water and air. But, we do not proceed rationally and responsibly to the obvious and logical conclusions. Mankind’s impact on this planet has strained the very balance of Nature to the very brink.

Allow me to interrupt the course of my thoughts to convey that I do not believe that there will ever be an end to World. Those exotic theories and myths have been with us with every disaster throughout history. They are popularly entertaining and seem to explain any phenomena humanity encounters. But, they have proven baseless time and time again. The worse case scenario (from a human standpoint) would be the destruction of civilization. But even if humanity were partially or entirely eradicated the world would still exist. It would restore balance and a different life form would assume that venerated position at the top of the food chain. It may be a wiser Humanity or another stone age humanity or even a different species altogether.

I fully believe in the right to Life, But, irresponsible procreation is the source of this imbalance. However, I do not believe that laws or any other method of social regulation (including prejudicial and harassing treatment) will have any effect. Take China’s efforts to control birth rates for instance. The dynamics of this situation and potential solutions are not easy for humans to comprehend. Could it be just an unwillingness for many people to simply face the truth.

I have two beautiful souls that my wife and I have brought to this still lovely world. Projecting this simple equation thus: Two people create two people then die leaving two people. Then, an attrition factor of those who cannot have children or do not want children is subtracted. The human population would stabilize and eventually balance itself. I well know the cost of raising children and therefore find it irresponsible for people who have the barest resources to procreate. I once was told by a woman that she was having another child to get more government assistance. I was appalled and asked her who she thought the government was. She looked at me like I was an idiot.

The actual solution lies in a moral, ethical, rational decision by every human on this planet. It is a necessary decision that must be made to make a concentrated effort to effect a solution. It cannot be easy. In closing, I apologize for my clinical assessment, but I think it is long overdue. I am hoping to begin a website to address this matter hoping to initiate a global conversation so that others may contribute other solutions or unite in our common goal, but frankly, I cannot do it alone.


R. Guy Kindle


* * * * *

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