LDMS Eighth Grader Rosa Friedrichs explains her Science Fair project "Could Polly Pass Kindergarten?" to one of the judges during the Fair at the school on Tuesday, November 29th. Her pet bird, Mango, took part in the project. (Photo by Patte Wood)

LDMS Science Fair Allows Students To Show Off
33 Judges Examine 66 Projects
By Patte Wood
Staff Reporter
The Lylburn Downing Middle School Gym was a hive of activity as the 8th Grade Science Classes, two seventh graders, and six sixth graders took part in the annual Science Fair.

New Gifted Coordinator Kevin Kendal organized the fair, which included about 66 projects and 33 judges. From the looks of it, he did a good job following in the footsteps of former gifted coordinator Margie Page.

Students had to follow guidelines and have their topics approved. According to Kendal, work on the projects was done by the students at home and brought back to the school. All the 8th graders were required to participate and the 7th and 6th graders were able to participate by approval. Each judge talked with 3 students about their projects, giving each student several different chances to answer questions and get feedback on their projects. The judges were a mix of people coming from the community including teachers at RCHS, LDMS, Waddell, W&L students, and teachers from the colleges. Lexington School Superintendent Dan Lyons was also a judge.

Winners are: Overall winner: Rosa Friedrichs; Life Science: 1st-Jamie Floyd, 2nd-Laurinda Buerkens, 3rd-Natalie Cheney; Physical Science: 1st-Isabella Bartenstein, 2nd-Will Shehan, 3rd-Cody Kitchen Consumer Science: 1st-Katherine Contos; 2nd-Kelsey Sundby, 3rd-Aaron Maraj; Seventh Grade: Honorable Mention presented to Catherine Lambert and Michael Vance; Sixth Grade Honorable Mention: Jake Klingelhofer and Meredith McAllister 1st place: Peter Lauck, 2nd-Jacob Stevens-Lubin, 3rd-Emily Kirk, 4th-Wills Hammond, 5th- Fran Rowe

According to Kendal, winners at the LDMS Science Fair will possibly go onto the Regional Science Fair to be held at James Madison University later this year.

LDMS Eighth Grader James Floyd explains his Science Fair project "Meet Jack Frost" to judge Ms. Cher McCoy during the annual Science Fair at the school on Tuesday morning, November 29th. (Photo by Patte Wood)

LDMS Sixth Grader Emily Kirk gives a detailed explanation of her Science Fair project to Waddell teacher and judge Jeri Watts on Tuesday, November 29th. Kirk chose "Effects of Wire Gauge & Battery Size On Wire Temperature" for her project. All LDMS Eighth graders were required to participate, however, two Seventh and six Sixth graders participated on a volunteer basis. (Photo by Patte Wood)


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